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Can a 110cc motorbike be taken around Bali?

A 110cc motorbike is a perfect choice for exploring Bali. Equipped with a strong and tough engine, this scooter can handle various difficult road conditions such as winding roads, rocky roads, or uneven roads. In addition, the 110cc motorbike also has a compact design, making it easy to park and ride on Bali's narrow streets. You can easily enter narrow alleys and pass through crowded streets without worrying about traffic jams. You can also carry luggage such as bags or suitcases without worrying about excess weight. The 110cc motorbike can carry a load of up to 160kg on both flat and uphill roads. Furthermore, the powerful engine enables the 110cc motorbike to easily climb hills without having to reduce speed, making it more comfortable and efficient to explore various tourist destinations in Bali, such as mountains. Therefore, if you're thinking about exploring Bali by motorcycle, a 110cc motorbike is the right choice.

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