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Niu NQi Sport


Go green and practical with our latest electric motorcycle, capable of traveling up to 70 km on a single charge in just 6 hours. Lead a sustainable lifestyle and enjoy a more efficient and convenient riding experience.

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150K/day      900K/week



Honda Genio carries a 110cc injection engine, the journey is more exciting with a responsive and proven engine that is economical. LED Headlight
with a modern touch, providing maximum lighting when driving in all conditions. Digital Meter Panel with Eco Indicator, more informative and accurate with speedmeter, odometer, fuel meter, eco indicator, and illuminated Genio logo, 14 Liter luggage space with large U-Box capacity (14L) can fit more luggage.

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75K/day      450K/week


Vario Fi


Honda Vario Fi which carries a 110cc injection engine is responsive with high acceleration reaching 12.7 seconds for a distance of 200 meters, and powered by a top speed reaching 92km / hour. Fuel consumption up to 59 km / liter makes the New Honda Vario Fi maintain its position as the most economical scooter in its class

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70K/day      400K/week




Cool Retro design and eye-catcher with high ground clearance due to big tires, the suspension is ok and the engine is economically equipped with a power outlet feature no longer worries running out of smartphone battery on long trips.

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80K/day      500K/week


Yamaha Fino


The 125cc engine is equipped with LED headlights that provide bright and focused, with eco indicators, driving is more efficient, luggage can fit up to 8.7L. And even more efficient with start & stop system, an automatic system that makes the engine shut down when it stops for 5 seconds and turn on again when the throttle is open.

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90K/day      550K/week



Fresh, simple & modern design equipped with a smart key system, an advanced key system (keyless) and an answer back system that makes it easier for drivers to find a motorbike parking position, a full digital speedometer with a modern and informative design, also equipped with an electric power socket, making it more practical to charge your smartphone. Spacious luggage up to 17.8L, large tires and spacious legroom provide comfort for the rider.

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100K/day      600K/week


Vario 125


The New Honda Vario 125 has a Dual Keen Eyes Headlight with LED lights that are able to provide better advantages for motorists through brighter light intensity. For functional features, it is equipped with the largest luggage capacity in its class of 18 liters which is capable of storing fullface helmets and embedding tubeless tires so that they are more resistant when a leak occurs.

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100K/day      600K/week



The new body design concept from the Luxury and Elegant MAXI YAMAHA category, is more compact and lightweight, a longer size seat with an elegant design supports both individu and sharing  driving with "Electric Power Socket" to charge the rider's gadget and Stop & Start System (SSS) which functions to reduce unnecessary fuel consumption when the motor is stopped.

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100K/day      600K/week




Explore your adventure with Yamaha Grand Filano, which is more luxurious and premium, equipped with a powerful and efficient Blue Core Hybrid 125cc engine, so you can feel the extraordinary speed and performance.

Not only that, our motorcycle is also equipped with a spacious 27L luggage with LED lights, so you can carry your belongings safely and comfortably even at night. With an advanced smart key system, you no longer need to bother taking out the key to unlock the motorcycle. And if you need to charge your smartphone, this motorcycle is also equipped with an electric power socket.

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120K/day      750K/week

PCX 150

Honda PCX is equipped with Enhanced Smart Power (eSP) technology to minimize friction and engine cooling efficiency, as well as transmission it presents the best engine performance on this model. For convenience, this model has been equipped with a DC socket for the power charger install on the front side console box, a hydraulic combi braking system with 3 piston calipers for the CBS type that provides stability during braking.

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150K/day      900K/week

Yamaha Nmax

A typical luxurious appearance with a comfortable driving position, now the LCD instrument cluster is more clearly visible due to the use of new colors with different upholstery nuances plus a tube mode buckle upgrade making Nmax easier to control and much more comfortable than before.

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150K/day     900K/week

ADV 150

Comes with a futuristic and manly body design, this scooter is equipped with a 150cc eSP (enhanced Smart Power) engine that delivers responsive performance to explore new experiences all the time. At the rear, pinned twin subtank rear suspension to provide optimal comfort and stability when cornering, through a bumpy road and tandem. The use of tapered handle bars and large semi dual purpose tires 110/80 - 14 (front) and 130/70 - 13 (rear) increasingly gives the impression of a manly and different look on the Honda ADV150.

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175K/day      1000K/week

Xmax 250

The highest performance Blue Core 250 CC engine in its class, also equipped with Liquid Cooled-4 Valve which has been developed for ultimate acceleration, Keyless key system features make driving even more practical, due to the Immobilizer and Answer Back System features for easy the driver looks for the position of the motorbike.

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300K/day    1.800K/week

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