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Yamaha Lexi 155cc: Introducing a New Variant with More Powerful Engine

Yamaha Lexi, one of Yamaha's flagship variants in the premium scooter segment, once again makes a breakthrough by launching its newest variant equipped with a more powerful engine.

Introduced under the name "MAXi Power 155cc Blue Core & VVA," this variant promises a captivating and dynamic riding experience for scooter enthusiasts.

One of the main focuses in the development of the latest Lexi is its engine. Powered by a 155cc Blue Core engine, Lexi is capable of delivering a remarkable combination of power, efficiency, and reliability. Equipped with liquid-cooled technology, SOHC, and 4 valves, this engine provides optimal power at every rotation, making the riding experience even more enjoyable.

In addition to the enhanced engine performance, the Yamaha Lexi 155cc also offers other outstanding features that make it more desirable in the market. One of them is the MAXi Flat Footboard, which provides a spacious and comfortable foot space with a flat deck design. This not only facilitates foot access while riding but also provides extra space for carrying belongings such as large bags or suitcases.

Another advantage of the latest Yamaha Lexi is its lightweight construction compared to its class. With its light weight, Lexi becomes more agile when ridden and makes parking the vehicle easier.

Combined with the MAXi Long Seat, ergonomically designed to support comfort both for solo and tandem riding, Lexi becomes a suitable choice for long-distance journeys or daily commutes in urban areas.

Moreover, the Yamaha Lexi 155cc is equipped with modern features such as an Electric Power Socket, allowing riders to stay connected to their electronic devices during the journey.

The Stop & Start System (SSS) feature is also available to reduce unnecessary fuel consumption when the motor is idle, enhancing fuel efficiency and environmental friendliness.

These advantages make the Yamaha Lexi 155cc a very attractive choice for premium scooter enthusiasts. It's no wonder that 493 Scooter rental companies are the first in Bali to offer the Yamaha Lexi 155cc for rent, as its reliability has been proven and it can provide an unforgettable riding experience for their customers. With a combination of performance, comfort, and advanced features, the Yamaha Lexi 155cc is ready to provide an extraordinary riding experience for anyone who rides it.

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